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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > Using generators of the internet is that stealing worksheets ????????    

Using generators of the internet is that stealing worksheets ????????


Using generators of the internet is that stealing worksheets ????????
Dear members,
A few days ago I made 3 dices using a generator I found on the site. A member said my worksheet was stolen because I used that generator. I mentioned the source I used  http://www.toolsforeducators.com/dice/
I know that a lot of members use generators to make puzzles, word searchers (practice of new words) and those worksheets are not stolen.
Please can someone let me know when using a generator of the internet to make worksheets is stealing and when not.
I donīt know anymore. Until I received an answer  I deleted my 3 worksheets.

25 Jan 2009      

alien boy

I wouldnīt have thought using a generator is stealing. Itīs sort of like using a template, really.


25 Jan 2009     


I really donīt think so! Come on, itīs just a tool... the ideas for the exercise are yours! once someone told me that one of my exercises were stolen because i used a board game generator. I got very sad because it took me a long time to do that, and when I finished it I was very proud of the exercise... it was complete and beautiful!

25 Jan 2009     


Toolsforeducatorscom & mes-english.com have very, very, very, strict copyright laws. You have to read their terms and conditions to understand why it was not allowed to publish those dices here. It was actually correct, that you deleted those dices. Those are the rules of that site. Thatīs why I hardly ever use them in the first place.

Maybe you can make those dices again with different templates and pictures that are not from that page. That would be OK I guess.

Hope I could help. Sorry for the bad news.

25 Jan 2009     


Hi demeuter! In my opinion, if your dices can be considered stolen because you used a generator, half of the worksheets of ESLprintables would also have to be considered stolen! Think of all the flashcards, the Bingo cards, the crossword puzzles, the dominoes.............

Have a wonderful day!

25 Jan 2009     


Oh, I see. Thanks a lot for your explanation Mietz! I didnīt understand it was a problem of copyright laws. I thought it was just a contributor who had considered it stolen. Thatīs a totally different thing now!

25 Jan 2009     


http://www.mes-english.com/eula.php (Link doesnīt work...)

By downloading any resource from any MES network site you are agreeing to the following end user license agreement.

MES End User License Agreement

You are free to download any resource from these sites as an end user and MES grants you an End User License with the following restrictions: You may not redistribute, copy, modify, transfer, transmit, reengineer, repackage, create other works from, or sell any of the content from this site.  You may use photocopies or printouts for the purposes of distributing them to your students.  MES reserves the right to terminate this agreement for any or no reason and without notice.

That means:

  • You may make printouts or photocopies for the purpose of distributing them to your students.
  • You may keep one printed hard copy for your sole personal use.

Here are some examples of what you canīt do with these resources (resources mean any MES content) but they are not inclusive.  If you donīt see it in the above īyou mayī section, you canīt do it.

  • You canīt charge for these resources in any way.  Not for paper! Not for ink! Not for anything!
  • You canīt scan or copy any image to make your own worksheets or materials.
  • You canīt include these resources with any collection, handout packets, workbooks, etc...
  • You canīt cover, remove, alter, or change any part of the resource including the MES-English brandings.
  • You canīt use any part or portion of the resource to create other worksheets or resources.
  • You canīt pass on the resources to any person other than your students.
  • You canīt back up any resource in any digital form (no floppies, CDs, DVDs, memory disks... )

Those are the terms and conditions there. Very tough. ...

25 Jan 2009     


Thank you for your contribution Mietz but I also would agree with mena in that "half of the worksheets of ESLprintables would also have to be considered stolen". Copyright laws are tough in any sites and many of us ignore them. In mes-english the end user license agreement is clearly stated and the fact that in the others it is not doesnīt mean that the copyright terms do not exist. The great difference here is that the owner of Mes-english has an account here and usually logs in to see if somebody has stolen anything from that site. I mean, copyright laws are universal, not only restricted to Mes-english.

25 Jan 2009     


Hi Demeuter:
As you can MES has some restrictions.  Perhaps you could revam your worksheets.  Try this site www.senteacher.org/Worksheet/23/Literacy.xhtml.

25 Jan 2009     


Thanks for al the reactions. I overlooked the rules of the site I mentioned for the dice. So also thanks to you  Mietz. Embarrassed
I wrote on the forum because I wanted to be sure . I like being part of the team. I would be a pitty if other  members have the same problem.
To all of you.
Keep up the work.

25 Jan 2009     

Olindalima ( F )

Hello, you all
May be I can make a little more of light here.
The problem here is about copyright.
Markīs site is very, very specific about that.
You have, FOR FREE, all the stuff, this means you can download everything, photocopy, handout to the students, whatever you want. You can use generators from the ... tools web, etc, etc, etc.
Mark has everything for free, for you to use with your students, INSIDE your classroom.
Nothing, but nothing can be reused in other sites
, uploaded in any conditions ANYWHERE ELSE.
This seems fair to me. I use this site a lot. My students usually make their own "vocabulary handout" with Markīs generators, their own board games and so on, but I never uploaded anything taken from that site.
As it has already been reported in the previous comments, the rules are the rules, I am not going to "copy and paste" them again.
Feel free to use anything, mind your step if you want to upload anything taken from this site. Moreover, Mark is a member of this site and some now and then he is not sleeping.
Moreover, we are all teachers, we know how difficult it is to make up such a big place as Markīs. Letīs respect his splendid work.

Now, what about other sites, other generators... well, some are simply free, others... I donīt know, but it is not that difficult to check... when we go upside down to download something, well, for sure it is not meant to be free.
Letīs respect each othersī work

25 Jan 2009     

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