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ESL forum > Ask for help > Soccer, football, American football    

Soccer, football, American football


Soccer, football, American football

Could anyone tell me the difference between soccer and football?. I know soccer is American but is it like rugby or is different?


5 Apr 2013      


Soccer is just like football . In the USA they call it soccer. Rugby is a different game :)

5 Apr 2013     

United States

in American English "soccer" is the same game as "football" (footy) in British English
"football" in American English refers to what Europeans call "American Football".
American football is a completely different game than soccer or rugby.  You may have heard of the "Super Bowl"--this is the "world" championship for American football (though it only involves American teams).
American football:
Soccer (BE=football)

5 Apr 2013     

United Kingdom

´Soccer ´ comes from Association Football, just as ´rugger ´ comes from Rugby Football - not that you ´d ever catch me saying either with a straight face.

5 Apr 2013     


Football basically means any ball game involving the feet but the definitions then vary between countries
Down here at the bottom of the world we have changed from calling it soccer and football.  It´s now all really football but old habits die hard  and even our national football team is called the Socceroos.  Basically for us,
Soccer = a round ball, no physical contact, can only use feet
Football = an oval football, lots of physical contact, can use a variety of body parts.  There are different versions of games with different rules and scoring systems (Australian Rules, Rugby Union, Rugby League)
Our players don´t wear the helmets or padding unless they are the goal keeper.

5 Apr 2013