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Hi there!
I wonder what you would write at the end of a series of exersices your students have handed in so that you simply can check they have done them. I am not going to correct them because it could take me ages but I īll give them the correct answers to correct their own exercises. I īve never done this before but the last time I tried to correct three units of 32 students I ended up so tired and frustrated that I swore I would never do that again. I am going to try this new method. I want to check they have done the exercises and that īs all. Would you write "checked, revised, or what at the end?
Perhaps it is a silly question but I want to make sure I write the correct thing.
Thanks in advance

24 Apr 2013      

United States

Hi Yolanda. Have you ever considered having students correct each others tests? It can be tricky. You have to make sure students don īt mind others seeing their work and that students are honest. (I īve had students change answers for other students) but it can be done if you get them to buy into it. Ed

24 Apr 2013     


I always correct my students exercises (iīm a private teacher) with a tick. Just to know that i have corrected them in case they are perfect. Why donīt you try that? Just a tick 

24 Apr 2013     


       When I just want to check if they have done everything I īve asked, I  mark out of the total possible; for example 17/20 means they had to do 20 exercises and he/she has done 17. 

24 Apr 2013     


You could initial the work to show you īve seen it.


24 Apr 2013     


I also used a tick to let them know that I have check their exercises, but in any case I think that " Check" would be perfect, and the idea of Anaram of  marking just the number of exercises they have done seems very good to me.

25 Apr 2013     


I think (seen) is honest enough.

25 Apr 2013