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culture-based songs

Costa Rica

culture-based songs
Hi, everyone! I ´m designing material in which the cultural component is treated as a means and not an end in itself. Can you help me find culture-related songs that I can use to design pronunciation and grammar exercises? Songs that somehow presents listeners with features of any English-speaking culture (American, British, Canadian, Irish, Australian, etc). Thanx in advance!

25 Apr 2013      


From the USA, I  immediately think of "American Pie". by Don McLean.
Also pretty much anything from the Beach Boys.

25 Apr 2013     

Costa Rica

The Gambler by Kenny Rogers! (the target culture would be Texas, cowboys, gambling,etc.).. 

Songs by Allan Jackson too! (the same culture)

25 Apr 2013     


A good Irish song could be ´A town I loved so well, by the Dubliners (Luke Kelly for effecy) ´
It can be used as a past simple exercise.
Women of Ireland is another and has a good harmony.
Let us know how you get on sounds like a good prject.

25 Apr 2013     


I also think of Chuck Suchy who is quite well known in the midwest of the USA.  He ´s from North Dakota and he sings about life on the Great Plains, both past and present. 
´Dancing in the Kitchen ´ is a sweet song about a middle aged midwestern farm couple, doing the dishes together at home, on a winters evening on the farm... they ´get crazy ´ and dance to the radio. 
A list of the lyrics to his songs can be found here:

25 Apr 2013     


Hello Colita
From a Canadian perspective you can view this montage about Canada posted on Youtube. It is accompanied by three songs. Two are from Wilf Bean - "Nahanni" and "People on the Land" the other is sung by Bob Ruzicka ..."Big River"
All the best.

26 Apr 2013     

Costa Rica

I haven ´t had the time to thank you all for your replies! Great help!

17 May 2013