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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Come and Play, come and Play, here is the new Word of the Day    

Come and Play, come and Play, here is the new Word of the Day


Come and Play, come and Play, here is the new Word of the Day
Thank you Valentinaper for choosing my definition!
Here is the new word for the day (or for the next few days as Ed put it).
Lets hear you silly, witty, serious or ridiculous meanings for the word:
The idea is to give an alternative meaning for the word, NOT the correct one. This word is not too strange so it is very possible that some of you know it, in that case, put you īre knowledge aside and just make up another meaning, something the  word could mean.

3 May 2013      


rate obstacules to endure

3 May 2013     

United Kingdom

Obdurate is, of course, an adjective. It means soft, easy-going, but to the point of being gullible and easily taken it. Obdurate people are real door mats, they just get walked on. 
Ob = against, or in front of
dur = the door
ate = like (Latin derivations) 

3 May 2013     

United States

Du Rate was a world traveling French Canadian OB doctor (OB Du Rate) best known for delivering to this Earth such notables as HP Lovecraft, Agatha Christie, Stan Laurel, Frank Morgan, Fritz Lang, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Ho Chi Minh and Charles De Gaulle, all in the same year (1890).   Ed

3 May 2013     


OB = tampons trade mark        http://www.obtampons.com/country-selector

durate = duration

Obdurate = Everlasting tampons.    Censored

4 May 2013     


The Ob River  is a major river in western Siberia. It is so long that people who sail on that river are said to be obdurating ( from the verb obdurate) because they seem to sail forever.

5 May 2013