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What can I do?


What can I do?
Hi everyone!
Iīm having a problem when uploading a document! Iīve done everything I could to make my document as smaller as possible, and Iīve done! It has know 296kb... but still, I canīt upload it, and the message that keeps appearing is that the file is too big!!! how can that be? is there any solution besides transforming the entire document into an image?
Thanks in advance!!!

27 Jan 2009      


why you donīt try ot make the image smaller?

27 Jan 2009     


Thanks everyone for your kind and helpful messages! Iīve already managed to solve the problem, but I had to change the entire worksheet...Cry
By the way, does anyone know any website with black and white images to colour? (that you can print and not colout online!) 
Thankx again!!!!
I love this site!!!!

27 Jan 2009     


to make your ws smaller after u do everything it is possible...you need just copy all the page and open a new document then paste it ...salve it with other name.. you will see that it will be smaller than the original..

this tip is working to me very well.. a file with 296KB with images and 2 pages sometimes I get just 89KB or 115Kb after resave it in another name..try it out..before reorganize and delete all..

later u go to ur "my documents" folder and you delete the bigger one and u can compare the sizes..

hope it helps


27 Jan 2009     

alien boy

Hi everyone!

thereīs a few reasons why this happens & most of them are to do with how Word organises the data placed in each document.

Iīm not going to get all technical on you, but you may find the article at this link may give you a few ideas. By creating a brand new document you basically start off with a clean slate so itīs a lot easier for Word to  arrange the way it finds the information that appears on the screen in front of you.

Just thought you may appreciate a slightly more thorough but not overly technical explanation!


27 Jan 2009     


thatīs a good idea, Suzana

27 Jan 2009