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ESL forum > Ask for help > Question concerning the word "produce"    

Question concerning the word "produce"

United States

Question concerning the word "produce"
Once again I was surprised that another one of my advanced groups had not heard the term "produce" to describe fruits and vegetables.
Is this just a term used in the US?  In the US just about every grocery store or supermarket has a "Produce Section".  I get blank faces from my advanced students when I use the term though (they automatically think of production--not fruits and vegetables).
Is this USA only? or regional? or what?

27 Jan 2009      


As far as I am concerned, to mean producing fruits or vegetables the verbs grow and cultivate are better.

27 Jan 2009     


Hi Douglas!
You´re not alone! In the UK, supermarkets have a fresh produce section too :-)

27 Jan 2009     

United States

A farm can produce produce.

Who ever said English was easy????


27 Jan 2009     

United States

Thanks for the replies!
It surprises me to hear that it is used in the UK as well--can some of our UK/Aussie teachers confirm this?  I wonder, if it is so common, why is it so rarely taught in ESL lessons?
Euphrates: in the US we use "produce" as both a verb and a noun.
Liberty: I got the following sentence from plainlanguage.gov, an organisation that is trying to make English more understandable--check the humor section:
"The farm was used to produce produce. "

28 Jan 2009