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ESL forum > Concerning worksheets > More free new Printables?    

More free new Printables?


More free new Printables?
Sometimes there are sooooooooooooo many nice new worksheets that I am really in an inner conflict if I should only download the really really really good ones and leave the rest because we only have 30 free printables or if I should sacrifice my points for downloading every single worksheet I like (which are many ;-) So whats your opinion on that? Should we ask Victor for more free worksheets a day? 

27 Jan 2009      

United Kingdom

I agree with you, only recently I suggested that the free download should be increased to say 40 or 50. This will not only encourage more people to upload it will also mean that the worksheets will not simply disappear into the ether never to be downloaded again.

27 Jan 2009     


I agree with Ladybird. As far as Im concerned 30 is ENOUGH. I dont even manage to use 30 points. Very often half of them are left. But...everyone has the right to his/her own opinion. Greetings from Poland to those who think 30 is or isnt enough ;)

27 Jan 2009     

Mariethe House

 i just cant understand why people continue to be soooooooooooooo ruuuuuuuuuuude!

27 Jan 2009     


Bless you spacegirl, you are a true eslprintable addict : ) Need printables...gotta have more printables...   It is addicting!

But for me after a couple of months on this site, I barely download 15 a day, and I have enough points to download old worksheets when I need a particular thing, so I vote for 30 is enough.

27 Jan 2009     

manonski (f)

We already get 30 printables for FREE per day. This site could ask for a membership or even not even let us get printables for free but only through the use of our points.  Im not only fine with 30 but Im grateful I get that everyday.
Im with you Ladybird on this one.
Have a good day everyone!

27 Jan 2009     

United Kingdom

One should  read the second part of my post which gives a reason for more than 30 but nobody seemed to have answered or given their opinion on that.

27 Jan 2009     


In my opinion the number of downloadings per day can be more important for ones to the others. I mean, if youre a particular teacher, with only one boy or girl per class, and different ages, sometimes 30 per day couldnt be enough. You need to use a lot of different material in order not to bore your students. But this is my opinion that Ive got only 316 points, but if youve got 5000 points as spacegirl, I think its not fare to complain about losing that points.

I hope everyone have a good day ;)

27 Jan 2009     

United States

Im not going to ask poor Victor for a dang thing.

Hes busy up to his eyeballs already, just running this free site,
answering questions over and over again, looking through worksheets,
deleting stolen sheets, and empty sheets and copied sheets and
he probably works in the day, does homework at night, walks the dog
and makes dinner.
So, Im just happy we have this great site! Amen!


27 Jan 2009     


I agree with Manonski that we should appreciate this what we have. Aftab57, dont worry, GOOD worksheets wont disappear in the ether. Im a hundred % sure :)

27 Jan 2009     

Im Lety

Is better to contribute than ask for free material...

And much better to think about uploading  our work ,earn points for the WSs and  do not worry about points, instead of asking for more free stuff...

27 Jan 2009     

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