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ESL forum > Grammar and Linguistics > walk/walking/on foot    

walk/walking/on foot


walk/walking/on foot

Which sentence structure is acceptable?

(a) Most of the students come to school by car. The rest come by walking.

(b) Most of the students come to school by car. The rest come on foot.

(c)Most of the students come to school by car. The rest walk.

Thanks in advance.

23 Jun 2013      


What do you think? Have you tried to work it out?? I hate to be mean but the forum is full of your questions  and many of them seem like they are homework or exam prep.

In fact, I think it īs homework because most books for exam prep like FCE have the answers at the end of the book. Also, you have never aked why is it this way and not that way.

Sorry to be harsh, but I feel you are taking advantage of people here. We are here to help but not do homework for somebody who has not contributed a single worksheet, online activity or template.

24 Jun 2013     


Terribly sorry to hear that.

By the way, I īm a Math teacher . I īm very interested at learning English. I learned immensely from this site which i found recently.

Thanks again for those who kindly took the time to answer my queries.

All the questions were from me personally. NOTHING from the exam papers or something like that. I have such questions accumulated over the past decades where no one seems to able  to help me. After all, English is not widely used here.

I really didn īt know that, there are people manning his site and take pains to find the solutions.

Sorry again.

Sure i will disappear from this site very soon. After all, I don īt have much questions, perhaps just a few more.

Hope it wouldnīt  tax your patience and kindness and helpfulness.

Cheers & hugs from me.

William L.

SORRY once again.

24 Jun 2013     


I apologise for that then. I did not know.  In the past, we have had people who have come here looking for us to do their homework.

I would suggest that you complete your profile. Explain why you are here and what you want to achieve that way when people look at your profile, they see that you are here to get help and not take advantage of the members ī generosity.

Also, you are quite welcome to stay. We were just wondering why you were asking so many questions.


PS: The answer to your question is B and C. Although C is a bit more natural sounding, less formal, perhaps.

24 Jun 2013     



you said that letter A is more natural sounding . Do native speakers really say by walking ?  Can I say it in a informal context ? I would say that sentence but in my mind it was wrong . I īve always learned go to school on foot or walk to school.

24 Jun 2013     


I said B and C. Wink Not A. 

24 Jun 2013