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English books for children in elementary school

Russian Federation

English books for children in elementary school
Hello, everybody. My pupils are usually teenagers, they are in high school (about 14-17 years old). I was asked to advice some material for a boy who finished the 2nd grade. And i don īt know what to recommend him. The interactive sites are too easy for him. I think of an English book. But, for example, Diary of a wimpy kid is for elder pupils. At least i don īt want him to learn all these words like īmorons" and so on right now. So, would you give me advice what can be good English material for a boy of 9 years old to practice the language during the summer?

25 Jun 2013      


The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe by CS Lewis is a great book.

Also... I loved this series as a child, it īs called "The Great Brain". It was written by John Dennis Fitzgerald. It īs about a young boy whose brother is a īgenius ī and is always trying to outsmart everybody. Itīs set in Salt Lake City (The wild West! lol) in the late 1900īs. It īs a wonderful series and I  just remembered it now because I saw an old copy of it online. I really recommend it... even as an adult I enjoyed rereading the books.

25 Jun 2013     


Hi, what about www.readinga-z.com? Leveled and with tasks! PROJECTABLE! 
One more, www.bedtimestoriescollection.com

25 Jun 2013     


Books on line   http://www.magickeys.com/books/

http://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/findbook  (click on THE LIBRARY to choose the age)

Here you can see readings with listenings and vocabulary exercises:


Don īt know the level your pupil has, but Asterix and Obelix was one of my favorite comics. Here, you can see 33 of their adventures and read your favourite one. On the other hand you can use them with your teenagers too.


Tin tin


Marvel comics


25 Jun 2013     


When I was that age. I read FLAT STANLEY books and just loved them! There are a whole lot of books in this series and books have pictures every then and there, so that  helps.It īs really fun adventures that made me laugh and dream and created memories from my young years.

check it out on amazon.com, I think you can even look inside the book. 

25 Jun 2013     

Russian Federation

I īm so sorry that i have an opportunity to answer only now.
nurikzhan, thanks a lot for this interactive site with audio books for children. It helps very much and the child has already chosen one book for listening.
The books about Narnia are fantastic, they are not that difficult to read and they are easy to understand. Five years ago i read them in Spanish, but i guess now it īs time to read it finally in original English.
Pameladion24, i īve never heard about Flat Stanley and unfortunately i couldn īt find any of his books for downloading in the internet.

5 Jul 2013