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ESL forum > Ask for help > Need help: Grammatical question     

Need help: Grammatical question


Need help: Grammatical question
Do the following take a period or a question mark? I automatically put a question mark, but like all teachers do many times, I doubted. I īm not sure about the indirect question rule. I know it īs funny, but although these all start with "Do you think", the first one, sounds to me, as being more indirect than the other two. Also, would there be any commas in the first one? I don īt think so, but I īm not sure. This is for a student worksheet, so only answer if you īre really, positively sure, please. Thanks in advance for your help.

Do you think that the cat is very active. (?) 

Do you think the cat is happy or sad. (?) 

Do you think the cat moved. (?)

18 Jul 2013      

United States

All take a question mark, they are all questions ("Do you think...?).
No commas.

18 Jul 2013     


In my opinion, because they start with the auxiliary verb "do", so they must be regarded as questions and there should be a question mark.

18 Jul 2013     


I thought so ,  thanks! And anyway, I simply took out the "that" in the first one. But, could someone give me an example of an indirect question, please? Just so that, I really have a clear picture of the two.

I know this is crazy, but here in Quebec, I donīt know about other places, when we are a native English speaker and go to an English school, we donīt learn any grammar rules like they teach in French schools. I was in university before I had my first real "only grammar" class, and in four years, I had only one! So, Iīm sorry if this seems like a ridiculous question, but I really doubted for a minute.  Thanks to everyone that reassured me. 

18 Jul 2013     

Jolly Jumper

Here are some examples:
He asked me if I thought the cat was very active.
He asked me whether the cat was happy or sad.
He wondered if the cat had moved.
No question marks since they actually aren īt questions.
This is what I was taught in French schools!
Hope it helps.

18 Jul 2013     

United States

Jolly Jumper gave good examples.
If you were old like me, you might have been taught more grammar. In the US (in my day, at least) we were taught grammar through the 9th grade.

18 Jul 2013