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ESL forum > Teaching material > Premium C1 class CD īs    

Premium C1 class CD īs

New Zealand

Premium C1 class CD īs
So I feel a bit stupid.... I bought the book and as it had a cd with it I thought it would have the listening exercises included.

My last book had the listening CD īs included so I didn īt think anything of it. 
I am only going to use this book with 3 students and the other teachers in my group have said "no" to spending more for the CD īs.

If you have them and want to sell them super cheap , (I can pay out of my own pocket),  or have the tracks that I can copy can you please message me?



15 Aug 2013      


try if you can find it in www.englishtips.org - you have o register yourself, but itīs safe and very useful!!

15 Aug 2013     


Hi Cheezels
Maybe you can borrow it from your public library system. Thatīs what I do when my institution doesnīt have the CD.
Also, you can pick up a slightly cheaper copy from Book Depository if you want to have your own copy. See here
Cheers from across the waters

15 Aug 2013     

New Zealand

Thanks :-)
I am in Sweden teaching. I can check with the library but it would be very unlikely that they have it here. I chose this book as it was not so "exam" focused but more of a general book at the right level for the students we want to use it with. 
I am now regretting my choice and we should have gone with something else. :-(

Thanks anyway!


15 Aug 2013