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ESL forum > Teaching material > To teachers in French high schools (level terminale )    

To teachers in French high schools (level terminale )


To teachers in French high schools (level terminale )
To all French teachers in French high schools and who use the book Meeting Point Terminale, does anyone have the student workbook and could send me page 3 and 4 with the questions about the song by Bruce Sprinsteen? That would be very helpful :)

Moreover if any of you had to mark the baccalauréat could you also send me the official keys given to mark the exam. Nobody in my school and none of my friends teaching English in high school had to mark the Baccalauréat and I (as well as my colleagues) would like to know what the scale of grading was.

Send me an mp and I ´ll give you my email address

thanks a lot :)

20 Aug 2013      

United States

Bruce Springsteen?...I ´d reconsider teaching the self-defeatism that is at the core of his songwriting....Not exactly a progressive POV

20 Aug 2013     


I ´m going to use some of Bruce Springsteen ´s songs and some other songs as well to work and the topic of immigration and immigrants and how their fate / stories are depicted in them

20 Aug 2013     


hi !
i have worked on several of his songs
the kids love them
sinaloa cowboys
born in the usa
and so many others
would you be interested in sharing all of our work for the seconde / premiere / term ?

23 Aug 2013