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ESL forum > Teaching material > Please Recommend a Book on Derivational Suffixes    

Please Recommend a Book on Derivational Suffixes


Please Recommend a Book on Derivational Suffixes
Hi dear friends,
One of my students wants to work on his vocabulary through derivation processes. He is looking for a book or a website with thorough exercises on ENGLISH (rather than Latin/ Greek) suffixes which derive different parts of speech out of English bases. He prefers the exercises to work on bases one by one, something like this:
refer: reference: referent: referable: referral...
inform: information: informative: informational...
Could you please recommend a resource?
Thanks a lot.

31 Aug 2013      


i remember a book" reading skills" which in one of its chapters had a table and it included all different kinds of suffixes. you had to learn them to be a good reader.
اگر با انواع  پسوند ها آشنایی داشته باشیم راحت تر و سریع تر می تونیم بخونیم.بنابراین ربطش به موضوع کتاب همین بود.سرعت درک مطلب و خواندن.
نویسنده کتاب یادم نیست ولی در مقطع لیسانس تدریس میشد.
موفق باشید.

31 Aug 2013     


akvillina, would you mind using only English on this site, please? thanks.

31 Aug 2013