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What do you hope to BE this year?
Be-bulletin class wall display:

I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would work well for me, so I went for it.

It was a good idea to ask the students  in the beginning of the year:

What do you hope to BE this year?

I have been thinking about the beginning of the year all the last month looking for some new ideas to do something different in my first lessons of school.

 I was inspired by two boards from Pinterest site ( board 1board 2 )  and decided to use this idea  in my class. 

After discussing and translating the adjectives,( they knew the most of them)
the most challenging words were ( punctual, tolerant,calm, original, confident, unique and grateful).

  Then they wrote sentences about themselves like:

I hope to be  more patient this year.

I am going to be....

I will try to be hardworking and responsible for my homework this year.

I think I am.......

I  want to be........ this year.

It is good/important to be........

The next step- the students described their friends using the verb to Be in Present Simple.

I think, Yasmin ,is creative and smart.
My friend Noa is always helpful.
In my opinion, Kfir is an amazing friend.

The homework task was to create a word cloud using the Wordle site:

And the last step- I created a wall with www.padlet.com  tool and my pupils wrote about themselves on it. Have a look at their first examples:

Internet is is the most important invention ever! It provides enormous amount of information.
And Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration! I love it!


Dear Peter,
thank you for your great suggesttions:Thumbs Up

Today I am (going to be ) ..........................

Today I want to be .......................................

2 Sep 2013      

United Kingdom

Fantastic, thank you. I ´m definitely going to do this and I ´m also sending the links to my colleagues. 

2 Sep 2013     


This is such an AMAZING JOB!!! well done!

2 Sep 2013     


Awesome! Your students are really computer smart! Great ideas Victoria:)

2 Sep 2013     


really impressive ideas :)

2 Sep 2013     

Peter Hardy

Great work indeed. Love the ´word-wall ´. But if you like to improve on it, change the words ´hope´ with ´want to be´ and ´trying to be´ with ´I ´m going to be´. This changes expectations into goals! I´ve always taught my kids positive thinking, and stimulated them to include the four P´s in their writings: Present time, Personal (I instead of he or she), Positive (no negatives)and Powerful (believe it with all your heart). I.e. Today I am (going to be) more patient. Today I work harder and I take responsibility for my work. Add the power of repetition, as a daily activity aka a step at the time, and both you and your kids achieve more than you can dream off. Well, that was the case in my experience. Keep up the good work, and thanks for rekindling some great memories.

2 Sep 2013     

Russian Federation

Very, very creative and useful!!! Thanks a bunch for a brilliant idea!!!

2 Sep 2013     


Congratulations ! This is an awesome job!

2 Sep 2013     

Lovely Lana

What a great lesson plan!
 Thanks a lot for sharing it with us. What a wonderful, smart, super positive and useful idea!Thumbs Up
I ´ll definitely use it with my students!

2 Sep 2013     

Marília Gomes

Great piece of work! I am certainly going to use it this school year! Thanks a lot for sharing it.

2 Sep 2013     


Thanks. I love it!

2 Sep 2013     

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