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help please


help please
hi can you help me I need to know the name of a text that is one sentence and the students are asked to cut the  sentences to get a meaningful text a any suggestion of sites or adresses to find such exercises thanks in advance have a nice weekend

21 Sep 2013      


a    q
Maybe anything like that?

21 Sep 2013     


jumbled sentences

Actually those are not so hard to make, you just type the actual sentences in a word doc and then just print them out on different coloured sheets (say, if you want your students to work in pairs, so you need to have one sentence typed the number of times on one sheet which equals the number of pairs in your class, one type of sentence on a different colour sheet) cut them into words and shuffle. Also, it īll be a good idea to provide your students with some envelopes or paper pocket to collect put the word cards in after the activity is done, this way there īll be less effort on your part using the cards for your next class:)


22 Sep 2013     

United Kingdom

TaskMagic is a fabulous piece of software which will do jumble exercises, sequencing, gap fill and all manner of games for you. It is marvellous. It costs, but it īs worth it. You can get a free trial - I would advise any EAL teacher to sign up for that. 

22 Sep 2013