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canceled account


canceled account
What happened? Ive been a member of this site for many years, with more than 20000 points, today after holidays I tried to open my account but it says it has been cancel due to braking the rules. I dont understand, It has been a long time since I uploaded any worksheets and most of them I prepared myself in photoshop, there are some worksheet with some pictures - only pictures - from books but I made them before the new rules (as many many users) So I really dont understand what happend. I had to open new account to write this message. What will happen to all my points I havent been able to use :(( Im really sad and dissapointed, I put so much effort through so many years so just my accout being canceled now. What can I do now??? Joannaturecka

22 Sep 2013      


you can contact Victor

22 Sep 2013     


Someone must have gone through your old worksheets and found violations of rules dating from a period in which rules were less strict and awareness of copyright issues was less acute.
There are several "diggers" here who come up with and report lots of older worksheets in which there are watermarked cliparts, for example.

No doubt watermarked cliparts violate copyright rules, but the fact that it only takes three or four worksheets from a time when nobody cared about these issues much to throw an old member with a lot of points out shows a certain weekness of the system. Maybe this process is too automatic.

To my knowledge, there has been no general appeal (via e-mail, for example) to people to root through all their worksheets and chuck out watermarked cliparts and other copyright violations. Maybe it would be a good idea to launch such an appeal. Most people probably are not aware of pictures they inserted a couple of years ago ...

22 Sep 2013     

United States

Sounds like some people need to get a life!
I only check the new worksheets - not the old one.
I think we should leave the old ones alone.
That īs my humble opinion.


22 Sep 2013     


In my opinion, if the old ones break the old rules, like being stolen, they should go.  For example, last week I found about six copies of the same worksheet on tenses when I was searching for something for class.  They were all several years old but were all identical copies.
Cliparts and images from ESL books from before the current rules, should stay though.  However, members who are still active here should really do the right thing and change the cliparts/images that are watermarked and copyrighted, or cite their image sources where relevant. To be a role model to our students, a teacher should keep with the times.
My two cents worth for a Monday morning.

22 Sep 2013     


I have never stole any worksheet, all of them is my hard work, I have never used copyrighted clip art, the pictures I used are from coloring pages like spongebob or garfild, the other from some esl books like Picture of Cookie, but these were only pictures I added my own activites and I made them like 3 -4 years ago, before the new rules, some of the worksheets had 800 - 1000 downloads. I really dont understand. and the worst I was not even inform about it, I didnt get any email so you can imagine how surprised I was after coming back from holidays. I had even no right to defend myself :((( Victor please help !!!! Joannaturecka

23 Sep 2013