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ESL forum > Ask for help > Present Simple or Present Continuous?    

Present Simple or Present Continuous?


Present Simple or Present Continuous?
Hi dear colleagues! I came across the following sentence and I would like to ask your opinion. 

I ______ (see) Peter at 9 o ´clock.

I ´d use the present continuous am seeing, but some of my students asked me if present simple could be a possibility because 9 o ´clock can be considered a timetable.

Thanks in advance

25 Sep 2013      

United Kingdom

Hi abba, I see Peter at 9 O ´clock every day/sometimes/occasionally I ´m seeing Peter at 9 O ´clock tomorrow/ this morning present simple is ok with an adverb of frequency. Present continuous for future arrangements. hope this helps

25 Sep 2013     


Thanks a million franjo42.

25 Sep 2013     

alien boy

Another alternative could be ´I will see Peter at 9 o ´clock ´  - simple future.


25 Sep 2013     


I am seeing definitely as you ´re not forced to  meet up with Peter. You are seeing him  as you want to not because you have to.  But llook at the sentence : I   go on a business trip tomorrow. In this instance you have to do it as your boss had told you to attend some business matters. The business trip is not your own choice.

26 Sep 2013     


If you were a doctor, or a psychiatrist, or a private tutor, then I see Peter at 9 o ´clock makes sense - it ´s a regular appointment, or (as monder78 points out) it is not your own free choice!

26 Sep 2013