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hello fellow teachers out there!

I need to pick your brains again. Together with 9 other schools I am doing an eTwinning project. Those of you that have done eTwinning projects know that there is a platform, called TwinSpace, that is used for communicating, blogging, uploading materials etc. I am quite new to the entire concept of eTwinning and I need to get my hd around it but I would like to go one step further, namely I am thinking of setting up a wikispaces. Does anyone have experience with using that tool? Would you like to share your thoughts on the subject?

Do you know of any similar Internet platforms that can be used by10 different schools that want to communicate/ upload materials on a regular basis?


25 Sep 2013      


Hi Jarek, 

I used to use Nicenet: http://www.nicenet.org/ ,   which is easy to use both by teachers and students....

Have a good day,


26 Sep 2013     


Hello Jarek,
Last year a team of teachers from my school together with their students took part in an eTwinning project and it had both a twinspace and a wiki. Wiki is quite easy to use and there are always tutorials you can check. But, my question is why is there a need to use both? bc the materials, which are uploaded, are the same, they are just displayed differently.
Here īs the wiki we īve been using

26 Sep 2013     


thank you for your replies ! You always prove that I can count on you in hour of need

26 Sep 2013