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How can I make writing fun in class ? how can I encourage students who are very poor at English to write ?

26 Sep 2013      


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26 Sep 2013     

Lucie Burgermeisterova
Czech Republic

Let your students to work in pairs or small groups. Give them several verbs and tell them to make up a story using those verbs. You can also revise past of irregular verbs.

26 Sep 2013     


I always have the same problem in all my classes The problem why they get bored is because they are inefficent in English. So I am trying to ease writing activity. In one of my sessions, ( the subject was present simple tense) the course book asked the students write a paragraf telling their daily routines. ı made up a paragraf ( some info was missing) and asked them to complete them. (not as a grammar activity as fill in the blanks with the correct form of the bla bla bla)

for example
  ................. gets up at ...... o ´clock every morning. She/ he goes to ................ by ............
she/he starts ............................. at ............. o ´clock. She has lunch at ................ at 12 oclock
and so on ...
in the first session they completed the paragraf as ever they wanted and read it in the classroom.The second session I asked them to write another paragraf about their own daily routines by themselves. Some of them coppied from the previous paragraf but most of them could easily write their own paragraf because they were familiar with the task.
ı wish this will be helpful

26 Sep 2013     

United Kingdom

Tell them some things are hard work and not everything can be fun. It will be doing them a favour in the long run. 

26 Sep 2013     


Yesterday I gave my class a VERY boring short story.  I read it out in such a boring way that they were in fits of laughter.  Their challenge was to spice it up with adjectives and adverbs. I strategically put them into groups of 4 and gave them chart paper and chunky coloured markers.  It took them 45 minutes and the results were amazing. In fact, they were photographing the stories.  They really loved it.
If I had done it individually the weaker students wouldn ´t have been able to do it. In groups they still didn ´t contribute much but they did benefit.
The stronger students had a lot of fun and learnt much more than if I gave it to them individually.
Maybe you could try something like this - choose a grammar point and they work on it in small groups using chart paper and coloured markers.  Then compare results at the end.

26 Sep 2013