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Little Miss Lady

Hello! Im new in here, and Im not sure if this is working well or not. A few days ago I made my contributions, and recently I´ve uploaded another too, but I still have not received any points. How do I make ppl download my worksheets? Are they so bad??? I´d like an answer from someone :) Thaanks!

30 Jan 2009      


They´re not exactly bad. They´re probably not what people need at the moment. You have to think of what people might need in a couple of weeks or in a few months, according to syllabus and form that they are teaching. Make them attractive (this does not mean loads of pictures - but some ADEQUATE ones). Hope this helps.

30 Jan 2009     


Hi Seema A! the problem is that your last two contributions will be published at midnight.After that time members will be able to download them.Don´t feel frustrated ! I took a look to your contributions and you are doing a good work! It was difficult for all of us to gain point.And all of us have ws with 0 downloads,it depends on what the other members need.Try to make ws with pictures and colours and obviously useful exercises.

have a great day!

30 Jan 2009     


please be patient and as Sylvie says you´re worksheets aren´t bad, mine first were terrible.  Peolple will download your work, give them a couple of days, and if they don´t add some more, you´ll have hundreds of points in no time.

30 Jan 2009     


I´m a new member of this site. I´ve uploaded about time expressions and I´m waiting your comments. If I write mistaken words, I´m sorry that, beacuse I´m not good at english so much:)
again hi everbody:)

30 Jan 2009     


I guess we have to be patient.
Nice site!

30 Jan 2009     

United States

Well to be honest - they´re not exactly great either!
Go and look what others are doing.
A good worksheet should keep kids busy for while.
Think of what you would make for your students and
then upload it here.
Learning by doing is the best way.

30 Jan 2009     

United States

Well, we just like more challenging activities involving more thinking skills. But anyway, you´ve got some points already, so , see? they are not that bad after all. Just take a little longer to design your worksheets. Good luck ! 

31 Jan 2009     


I think .... These comments  sounded so harsh.

31 Jan 2009     

New Zealand

Hi there Seema A, I am not writing to criticise your work but to offer some helpful suggestions to help make your contributions successful. Smile

A good worksheet has a clear purpose: What will the student learn from/ practice or improve by doing this activity?

A good worksheet has good content: many of the popular and successful worksheets have a title, a small explanation of grammar point (if needed) and explanation of what you need to do to complete the exercise. Depending on the level, the examples and explanations are either very simple or more advanced.
It will then have purposeful exercises to help the student understand through doing whatever the objective of the worksheet is. Again  the number and difficulty will depend on the level that your worksheet is aimed at.
When I use or make a worksheet I would expect that the activity last for at least 15-20 minutes.
A good worksheet has good design: A clear and easy to follow layout. If the pictures are added only for looks and not for the actual vocabulary/exercise then use these selectively with discretion. Cluttered worksheets with random pictures and oversized borders to take up space on the page are not ideal. If the page looks cluttered and confused then chances are the students using it will be too!

I hope these suggestions will help you when you are making your next worksheet. They are just some pointers to keep in mind :-)

Good luck!

31 Jan 2009     

Mar (itxasobcn)

I agree with you, dear cheezels Clap
Big hugsssss!!!!!!!!! Hug

31 Jan 2009     

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