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Hi everyone
I have been checking one of my students ´ paragraph on the topic "the food you hate most". The student gives his reasons why he dislikes and the main reason is what I need to get the right answer. He hates okra as it is "slobbery", which I am not sure of. The student writes "mucus" which sounds really disgusting and I corrected as "slobbery" but I need to learn the exact noun and adjective to describe okra which is watery. Thanks in advance for your help. Have great lessons!

9 Oct 2013      


I love Okra but it the texture is indeed pretty gross...I would call it ´slimy ´
adjective: slimy; comparative adjective: slimier; superlative adjective: slimiest
  1. 1.
    covered by or having the feel or consistency of slime.
    "the thick, slimy mud"
    synonyms: slippery, greasy, muddy, mucky, sludgy, wet, sticky;
I got curious as to how others describe it and googled ´texture okra´ and behold, slimy seems to make sense to more people, here is an excerpt from a cooking site:
 Unless you grew up eating okra, it´s an intimidating vegetable. Its outward appearance doesn´t give you too many clues about how to eat it: Do you cut off the top? Do you eat it raw? How the heck do you cook it?

When you finally conquer your fear and cut into okra, the round, white inner pods release a juice that can be best described as "slimy." For many people, the sliminess factor is enough to completely halt their okra eating experience. That´s too bad, because okra has a lot to offer.

9 Oct 2013     

United States

Okra.. Doesn ´t she have her own network now??? I grew up eating okra and it can take some to getting used to. Boiled and with a little olive oil with the tops cut off... very nice but slimy. When I came to the States I tried fried okra which is breaded and deep fried. It still retains a touch of sliminess but not intimidating at all. Ed

9 Oct 2013     

United States

Yes, the word is almost always "slimy". It can ´t be "slobbery", because that means "having saliva coming out of the mouth", and what okra has isn ´t saliva.

9 Oct 2013     


actually, to the credit of your student, ´mucous ´ could work as well since it means, among others, "resembling mucus". I agree with you that it doesn ´t sound very appetizing, but, hey, it does resemble mucus Smile
OK, I think I did enough damage to the reputation of okra for one day....

9 Oct 2013