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ESL forum > Ask for help > i need help for master degree    

i need help for master degree

United Arab Emirates

i need help for master degree
hello everybody,
i hope that you all are fine
well, i decided to take master degree in Educational leadership
 i have to write two essay each one worth 250 words
i made brain storm and i came with this
i can´t write any more i tried. sometimes i think about giveing up Cry but i engourage myself by myselfThumbs Up
so i need your help
please help me

Why I chose this specialization:


I chose this major to obtain a position in educational field which will help me to work as a connector between Ministry of Education and the schools in the field. Also, I want to be the “voice of the students” because I noticed that the majority of the students hate schools and they don’t want to study. Even though they call the school “jail”. Why?

We as a high educated people should find the answer for this question. And to find that we must talk to the students, listen to them and share the ideas descions with them.





The qualifications that will help me in studying this specialization are:


I have been working for almost three years as a teacher and am still. I have found that some decisions given by Ministry of Education were in some how are not suitable.

Even when I was a student at high school. The ministry of education  made a schedule for the midterm exams and there were two exams in the same day. At that time we as students were angry and we didn’t know what to do. We talked a lot to our teachers. They were listening to us but the did nothing.

I think there should be communications, discussions and studies between Ministry of Education , schools, parents and we should not forget the students who are the center of the Education system.

Finally,  all these things are to make sure that any decisions will not cause a gap in education system.  

i can´t write any more i tried. sometimes i think about giveing up Cry but i engourage myself by myselfThumbs Up
so i need your help
please help me


1 Feb 2009      


Hi Glamorous,
you might find the following sites useful ... Best of Luck Thumbs Up








1 Feb 2009     



All I can say is that "Rome was not built in a day"

You are in the right way, what you need is some patience and perseverence... The first steps  are usually the hardest, so just keep working your paper...
Personally, I think the ideas are there, but the form really needs to be improved... Teachers in the forum can give suggestions,  but don´t expect some ready-to-submit work

1 Feb 2009