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ESL forum > Make suggestions, report errors > I´d like to get the points....    

I´d like to get the points....


I´d like to get the points....
Hello! IŽd like to report a mistake... I uploaded a worksheet by mistake, it has been downloaded by a friend of mine with a similar title to the one I had prepared to upload , So I erased it an sent mine instead. I had been given 15 points first, then I got -15 points... after this I should have had 0 but I had -15, ... I uploaded four worksheets and so I should have ... How many points? I only have 7 points. The problem is that you began to add from -15.
I know this is a mess but please Victor can you check my account please! I am looking forward to getting the points according to the amount of worksheets I sent and downloads people have made.

1 Oct 2008      


Hi Miriam!

You do not get points every time you upload a worksheet, but every time your worksheet is downloaded.   That is, if your worksheet is downloaded by 20 people, you get 20 points. When you reach 30 you become into a premium member and are given 30 free points every day, whether you upload or not.

Hope it helps

Have a beautiful day!Smile


1 Oct 2008     


Hi all, youŽre not given 30 free points every day after becoming a premium member. When you become a premium member, you are able to download 30 "new contributions" without losing any point.
Was it any change of rules??

1 Oct 2008