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ESL forum > Ask for help > plz download i nedd points now to download some worksheet...    

plz download i nedd points now to download some worksheet...


plz download i nedd points now to download some worksheet...

24 Oct 2013      

Peter Hardy

You īd better read the rules before you post a request like this. Alternatively, create something special, and ..... donīt put your name across your work!

24 Oct 2013     

United Kingdom

Can I add my two penno īrth to that: please don īt put your name on or across wss. I īve seen a few people do this and it īs a pain to have to remove them. And don īt ask for points, it īs against the rules. 

Since you have been roundly told off, ahmedsheze, I īm going to download one of your wss - not the one with your name on!

Edit: Do you realise you can download any of the new uploads, up to 30? 

24 Oct 2013     



As a premium member (with more than 30 points) you can already download 30 worksheets a day (among the "new contributions").

If you upload editable wss you īll get even more downloads.

Have a nice day!

24 Oct 2013