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ESL forum > Ask for help > looking for a video - 2nd post on the forum    

looking for a video - 2nd post on the forum


looking for a video - 2nd post on the forum
i īm here to ask - AGAIN - for your help :)

i īm looking for a video similar to this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcZ_5lIQk4c
but much simpler in terms of vocabulary/structures since it is for elementary pupils (A1-A2  / around 10-12 years old) - but AUTHENTIC anyway (not created for ESL lessons)

this video should contain: the modal CAN at least once, and references to a timetable "on monday etc..." like in the video above. It can be about asking someone to go on a date or just 2 or 3 people organizing something together (2 friends making plans etc...)

Sophia found two that
are good but the woman accepts to go out right away, I would like them to hear something like "sorry, I can īt, i īm busy... what about... instead?"

it is to go with the final task "let īs do something together" (i īve uploaded this powerpoint for this lesson plan if you īre interested)

i tried to find to find an audio file as well but i īd really like a video since the final task is a role play i would prefer showing them a video to teach them a few how-to (looking at your partner, smiling, saying sorry and meaning it, tone of voice etc...)

but if you have a audio file that could be suitable, i īll be glad to have it as well (i can use it before the video or in an evaluation...)

THANKS again!

26 Oct 2013      


I don īt know about your question but I posted a reply on mine for you. 

26 Oct 2013