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ESL forum > Teaching material > Meg and Mog Episode 1 Halloween    

Meg and Mog Episode 1 Halloween


Meg and Mog Episode 1 Halloween

I īve made this ws based on Mog and Meg īs video which I downloaded from youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPsZLGnLnxY
I got the ideas for my ws from puffin.co.uk (Ex4) and various ws I īve seen.
I īd like to offer this ws for free to anyone who īs interested.  It īs aimed at YLs who īve only done a couple of years of English. Feel free to edit it to suit your needs.
If you īd like me to send you this ws, please send me your e-mail address to my in-box.

Best wishes from still-warm GreeceSmile

28 Oct 2013      


Hello Alex,

I would appreciate if you could e-mail the worksheet. I īve been watching the video on youtube and I liked it. I would like it to use with a class I have in which the students have a very low level of English.
My e-mail is [email protected]
or my personal one is [email protected]

Kindest regards from Spain (trying to keep warm!)Disapprove


28 Oct 2013     


Hello Alex, could you please send me the worksheet on Meg & Mog. My mail is [email protected] Thanks !!!

28 Oct 2013     


Hello Alex!!!

It is a nice worksheet!!!! Could you please send it to my mail?

Best wishes from Portugal :)

29 Oct 2013     

the open school

Hi Alex,
I  would appreciate if you could e-mail the worksheet


Hello Alex,

I would appreciate if you could e-mail the worksheet
to use it in my class...
nice job!!
ps. is there an episode 2??

29 Oct 2013     


Hello ! I really liked your worksheet. Could U please send me it??? My e-mail is [email protected]

Thanks a lot!

Rhônia Nascimento

29 Oct 2013     


Hi there, can someone tell how to download a video from youtube? do you really manage to save it on your computer? Thanks!

29 Oct 2013     


For Nathalie: Use Mozzilla, download "downloadhelper" (easy to do and free) Then go back to youtube and you īll see the 3 little balls on the left of the video address  turning around ( one ball is blue, one is yellow, the other is red). Click on them and save your video! very easy!
ps. each time you īll see the three balls turning around, you īll be able to download a video whatever the site is.

29 Oct 2013     


Hello Alex!! Iīve got this episode in my computer and I use to watch it in class at Halloween. Itīs really funny and my students like it a lot. I would appreciate if you could e-mail the worksheet. My e-mail is [email protected]. Thanks a lot Smile

29 Oct 2013     


Hello could you send me this worksheet: [email protected]

21 Oct 2015