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Language help

Czech Republic

Language help
Hello, dear friends.

Could I ask native teachers to check the title of my work for my Master degree, please?
The title is: The integration of children with a physical handicap into ordinary primary schools

Thank you very much and have a nice weekend,


2 Nov 2013      


What about:

"The integration of physically handicapped children into ordinary primary schools."

Let ´s see what other native speakers have to say.


2 Nov 2013     

Czech Republic

Ouch, I can see the big mistake I have made - of course physically...

Thank you, Janet. It seems I should take a break from the studies because I make silly mistakes.

Thanks a lot and have a nice weekend. :-)

2 Nov 2013     

United Kingdom

I don ´t think ´children with a physical handicap ´ is incorrect in any way, it´s absolutely fine.  Janet ´s suggestion is good, though. 
Labels are very important and it ´s better to emphasise the child, rather than the handicap, for example we would say, ´a child with Down ´s syndrome ´, not ´a Down ´s syndrome child. ´

I prefer ´Into mainstream primary schools´..... also, I would prefer a verb ´Integrating children...


2 Nov 2013