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spacial kids assessment

United Arab Emirates

spacial kids assessment
Hi all
I need your help badly
I īve got a special kid in my grade 2 class and I want to prepare for him a  worksheet or any kind of paper that helps me decide what aspects he is unable to deal with whether grammar, vocabulary, phonics or even writing.I have to mention that he doesn īt communicate with me using English words but very rarely and I feel unable to decide whether he understand me or not because his responds very slowly and usually doesn īt start any chore unless I ask him and sit with him .This won īt mean that he īll do it perfectly but he needs much help and I try to guide him as much as possible. He īs studying Forsman course right now. 
So,any suggestions?

18 Nov 2013      

United States

In what way is this child special? Does he have mentally retardation, autism, problems seeing or hearing, mental illness, or some combination? Does he speak Arabic fairly normally? The nature of his problems will make a big difference in what kind of special assistance he needs. You might also see if you can have one of your brighter students mentor him. Maybe another student can help him get started on assignments. That can actually be good for both students.
If nothing you do works, talk to your boss about the problems, detailing everything that you īve tried. See if he or she has other suggestions for you. He or she might also place the student in a class that is a better fit.

18 Nov 2013