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ESL forum > Ask for help > What kind of conditional is this?    

What kind of conditional is this?


What kind of conditional is this?
Dear colleagues, I need your help I came across to this conditional in a book for CAE preparation can you enlight me with your knowledge?

"Iīll open the window if itīll make you feel better." How can I explain this to students that have always been told the we never use will in the IF clause. Thanks, if you can provide me with a link for more examples will be awesome.

Thanks a lot

27 Nov 2013      

Mariethe House

I guess it is the short cut to:
I īll open the window if you think it will make you feel better.

28 Nov 2013     


Did you see that writen on a book? Because it is obviously wrong. Anyway when students study to get their Proficiency degree in their grammar it says that it is acceptable to use any kind of tenses in conditional as long as it makes sense :)

28 Nov 2013     

United Kingdom

There are some exceptions to will/won īt appearing in if-clauses and one is where "the condition expressed by the whole sentence obtains in the present" (Quirk and Greenbaum) as in:

If it will make any difference, I īll gladly lend you some money.

i.e. "the future contingency expressed in the if-clause determines a present decision".

28 Nov 2013     


Thanks a loooooooot

28 Nov 2013