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Hello everybody... Just a quick question regarding the  TEFL and TESOL certificates.. I have been teaching English in Italy for nearly 15 years now, based on the merit of a BA degree. However, nowadays most of the schools are asking for either one or the other, TEFL or TESOL, as a pre-requisite for their courses. I would like to do an online course but am daunted by the myriad of offers out there. If anyone is willing to share their experience about a suitable company / and a suitable course, please would they private message me- thus avoiding advertising!! I would really appreciate the assistance. Thanks and regards from Italy.

28 Nov 2013      


Hi, I did an online course through a company called i-to-i tefl. The course was excellent and really prepared my wife and I for teaching English as a foreign language. Their service was also great and the course did not cost an arm and a leg either. I would highly recommend them.

28 Nov 2013     


Please note that many schools are now asking for a classroom TESOL/TEFL/other teaching certificate and specifically state that an online degree won īt be considered.

I suppose this is mainly because of the many online degree mills giving online education a bad name and because of the subject concerned, namely teaching. After all, how can you claim to have a teaching degree without ever having seen the inside of a classroom? These online degrees never include supervised teaching practice which is, IMHO, the most important part of teacher training.

28 Nov 2013