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ESL forum > Teaching material > Texts related to reported worksheet "air & land pollution"    

Texts related to reported worksheet "air & land pollution"


Texts related to reported worksheet "air & land pollution"

Paragraph 1:

Because factories release fumes , the air people breathe gets polluted .Other well-known effects of fumes are smog , acid rain and holes in the ozone layer.

Paragraph 2:

Living in noisy overcrowded towns has become dangerous because everyday exposure to noise can cause headaches , earaches and may lead to deafness .

Paragraph 3:

Toxic substances found in the food we eat and the air we breathe accumulate in our bodies and result in poor health like weakness , pains , aches , disease and sickness .

Paragraph 4:

Paints ,solvents and glues are all inflammable .They can catch fire and result in burns , skin rashes or risky chemical reactions .


26 Dec 2013      

Mariethe House

I don īt understand why you posted thisConfused can you explain?

27 Dec 2013     


dear colleague why don īt you reupload the worksheet after adding the texts 
 surely ,this time it won īt  be reported and things will be clearer.....

27 Dec 2013     


That īs what personal messages are for. I guess. Happy New Year!

28 Dec 2013