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Aesop s fables


Aesop s fables
Hello everybody!
I was wondering if anyone of you could help me with something. Not long ago I uploaded a worksheet of mine concerning an Aesop s fable. As I was browsing the list of the relevant worksheets, however, I did not see my worksheet. Do you have any idea why this is the case? My worksheet was not reported as breaking the rules of the site or anything of the sort.
I would appreciate it if you could give me a hint...
I hope you enjoy your holidays!

27 Dec 2013      

maryse pey

Have you tried by date ?

27 Dec 2013     


I see two worksheets by you about "The Owl and the Grasshopper". Are you referring to those?

27 Dec 2013     


Yes, I found my worksheets! Thank you all for your help! I was looking at the wrong category (silly me!). Thank you again and I hope you all have  a really happy New year!

28 Dec 2013     


Hi Elina21,
The same thing happened to me several times. I of course have my own sheets on file but it also means that other people won t see them even when they enter relevant search words.
I learned it is important to invest a minute in entering your keywords when you upload your printable. You are asked to write a title, give the level and either which vocabulary or grammar point is dealt with in your sheet. After that, there is a window where you can enter other subjects (or something similar) separated by commas. It is really important to write all the things people might enter who would find your worksheet useful.
(I haven t seen your sheet but I imagine it could be something like this: aesop, fable, animals, owl, grasshopper, reading, etc.) That way there is more of a chance you - and others- will find your sheet in the future.

28 Dec 2013