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lets be specific


lets be specific

Dear all,

Lately I notice that there are a lot of worksheets with a less than useful description:
īTest ī
īRemedial work ī
īfor students ī
ī 7th form ī
īIt īs useful ī
When I browse the new contributions I usually just ignore these sheets since I have no way of knowing what they are about. Once in a while I will click on one,  and if I find it to be a good sheet, I sometimes will pm the author explaining it would be a good idea to be a bit more specific in their description. Today I noticed there were lots of these sheets, way to many to start pm-ing all the authors. Some of these sheets are really good and would be useful for a lot of teachers out here.
Please, everyone, take a moment to really describe what your sheet is about (what is the general subject, which grammar points, what kind of exercise - what is it you are teaching?) Don īt assume everyone knows what your country īs 7th form needs as remedial work!
That way you will not only get more downloads yourself, you will also be helping a lot more teachers on this site who could really use your sheet if only they knew what you are offering!

5 Jan 2014      


I completely agree with Marion.Most of the times I skip most of the works which don īt offer enough information about the content.

5 Jan 2014     


I agree with you and i would add that some of these ws tend to be copied... the people who publish them can īt describe them because they did not make them! You wouldn īt believe how many ws described as "good" or "useful" i īve reported because they were stolen...

5 Jan 2014     


I couldn īt agree more, Marion!!! maybe it īs not such a great effort to add something more to the explanation so we know from the very beginning if it is something we need or not...

5 Jan 2014     


I subscribe Marion īs suggestion and I share everything that has been said here about this matter. Giving a decent description of our sheet is the least any of us can do if we want our work to be useful for other colleagues.  A suitable, accurate explanation gives you the idea if what is being offered fits your needs or not, so consequently saves time as well.

I also want to say that it is polite to leave a thank you note once you īve downloaded a wss. More and more often I notice that after a great number of downloads, I īm one of the first ones to thank the author. I know that you are not forced to do it but... it īs very simple and I think it is well-mannered. At least this is what I do.

5 Jan 2014