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article the


article the
hi guys i have a question do we use article"the" with names of bands?music groups?

13 Jan 2014      


yes we do; we say the beatles and the spice girls for example

13 Jan 2014     


Hi there,

it depends on the very name of a band, if it contains "the" you must use it, if it doesn īt, you can īt use it, otherwise you can use, by mistake, a name of some other band, for instance:

Jim listens to The Cure, Dire Straits, Muīm, Sigur Rós  and The Explosions In The Sky.  

(If you say: Jim listens to Cure .... , it might mean a small local band who collect money for helping cure cancer disease, their name is CURE but itīs not The Cure with the vocalist Robert Smith. Among The Cure fans, however, itīs popular to say "Cure" when referred to The Cure, but everyone knows the very reference.)

However, if a musical group doesnīt have any particular name, we tend to use the definite article, as in the example:

Last night we saw the Russian Patriarchate choir of Moscow in the cathedral. 

We use "the" as the choir is unique in the world and the Russian Patriarchate of Moscow does not have any other choir. 

And even if we mention a group/band with a foreign name, we donīt use the article as itīs their unique name, and in a foreign language it can already contain an article of which we might not know, as in this example:

Jimīs wife loves listening to Il Divo

13 Jan 2014     

United Kingdom

And how could we possibly forget The The?

13 Jan 2014     


Haha, who listens to The The ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_The ) surely does not add the third "the" Wink

13 Jan 2014     

United States

The Who?

13 Jan 2014     


I think that if the music group has "THE" in its own name, we have to use it (for instance, I always say THE Beatles and not Beatles). On the other hand, alexcure answer is so complete.



13 Jan 2014     


@ed LOL
long time no see!

13 Jan 2014     

United States

No, Ed, The The. The Who is a totally different group.

14 Jan 2014     

United States

Bruce Abbott and Ed Costello! (The exchange reminds of the famous "Who īs on First?" routine.)

14 Jan 2014