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I have posted my worksheet for 2 days, but now I am not given any points. I am in need of some worksheets which are useful for my class. Please help

16 Jan 2014      


Hello! It took me 3 days to get points. The first 2 days, my uploaded files got downloads but went corrupted so I lost them.

If you have no such problems, maybe you need to wait a little longer or check that your file actually got downloaded. I checked your file this morning and I saw 0 downloads. Putting a file online will not give you points if it doesn´t get downloaded. It´s a little slow in the beginning but things will pick up pace quickly.

Now I just checked your file again and you have 3 downloads; it means you´ll get 3 points but they will be available 24 hours later or so.

I hope this helps and answers your question.

16 Jan 2014     


You have 3 downloads, so tomorrow you should get your points.

16 Jan 2014     


Thank you all. I am new, so thanks for your answering. Three days ago, while I was wandering the net to look for exercises for my students, I found some useful worksheets from this web. I was sure my students would like them much. Immediately, I created a simple worksheet so that I could  download them. I am an EFL teacher at a lower secondary school in a remote mountainous province in Viet Nam. I hope that I can learn a lot from you all. From now I have  a new web where there are plenty of worksheets created from teachers around the world. I am so happy. thank you all

16 Jan 2014     

David Lisgo

Dear Luong. I must apologise as I have accidently reported, believe me it ´s easy to make the mistake, your worksheet so now you have to wait even longer. I had to windows open and thought that I was working in the other window. I promise to download your worksheet when it is returned. Sorry.

16 Jan 2014