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ESL forum > Ask for help > I need your help! I can no longer send any new printables.... Why is that? what īs wrong?    

I need your help! I can no longer send any new printables.... Why is that? what īs wrong?


I need your help! I can no longer send any new printables.... Why is that? what īs wrong?

Hi everybody!
I īm really in dire need of your help and advice dear eslprintable members!
I don īt know why whenever I send a new printable, such a message is sent to me the following day. Why are my printables no longer acceptable? What does the error stem from? 

The message is this:

"There was an error with your contribution LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS: EXPRESSING OPINION + AGREEMENT & DISAGREEMENT Dear member, This is a message to inform you that there was a system error and your contribution LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS: EXPRESSING OPINION + AGREEMENT & DISAGREEMENT (ID:76007) could not be published. Please, check the file and send it again. If the problem continues, please contact the webmaster."

It happened to me three times in a row, just recently
I īm so sad I can no longer send any more printables
I hope I will resume my give and take hobby! 
eslprintables is really useful for me and I īm so addicted to it now that I can īt imagine I will leave it a single day at all

Thanks in advance for your help! 

18 Jan 2014      


Can anyone help me, please? Reply soon! I īm really waiting for any good suggested solutions!

18 Jan 2014     


Check if your files aren īt doc.x. Otherwise there weren īt any problems

18 Jan 2014     


I īm sorry, brother!
I really don īt know how I can help you!
Maybe you have broken the terms of use so many times. Maybe! haven īt you? I hope someone else can help you with your problem. Why not send a message to the eslprintables webmaster? He can show you what to do to solve your problem!
Good luck!
have a nice day!

18 Jan 2014     


Don īt worry dear colleague,the same thing happened to me and to other members as well a few days ago.There is a problem -not yours or mine - keep trying ,I īm sure you īll succeed as I did :I sent the printable four times finally it worked so don īt worry and try again.
Good LuckSmile

18 Jan 2014     

United States

As zahmonino suggests

18 Jan 2014     


it happened to me those last couple of days... but i tried again a few hours later and it worked and I managed to publish several ws anyway, i just had to be patient...

18 Jan 2014     


Open a new Word file,copy your work on this new file and upload it.Press F5 and refresh the page until īpreview coming soon ī image disappears and your work appears.This solution always fixs my uploading problem.

18 Jan 2014     


Donīt worry , be happy ! :)

    Dear brother , 
       You said just what I wanted to say myself !!  I had the same problem a few days ago,  I tried & tried again to send new participations , but in vain !  each time I got the same reply like yours !
I thought that it could be related to my internet connection or file formats  ESLprin( because they ask you in ESLprintables to have Word 97; & I don īt know why !)  I, therefore,  was about to give up trying after I sent a message to the website  ( & Iīm still waiting for the reply !)  .. But , now , no !!  We shouldnīt  give up , letīs  fight & keep trying ....
                                                                             Another ESLprintable member ..

18 Jan 2014