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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Word of the Day Contest!    

Word of the Day Contest!

United States

Word of the Day Contest!
Thank you, Marion, for choosing my "daffynition" for the last Word of the Day contest. So, here s the new Word of the Day:
I want your funniest fake definitions for this word. Anyone posting the real definition until the end of the contest deserves 40 lashes with a wet noodle (which is not the real definition of tomentose!) I will choose a winner Monday evening or later if I don t get enough definitions by that time. Happy fabrication, everyone!

19 Jan 2014      

maryse pey

I ve got some in my garden : a TOMENTOSE is a TOmato TOrmented by its TOSE (sorry : TOES) in a messy order.
So this poor thing can t walk correctly and is always falling because it tries to rearrange its toes !

19 Jan 2014     

United Kingdom

I always like to be funny, but unfortunately I can t think of a funny comment for this word since it describes a person afflicted with extreme bipolar disorder, and believe me, that s not funny. And I should know! The word derives from Latin (actually, quite late Latin which hasn t been fully recorded in America), but I m happy to break it down: 
To = two
ment = mind
ose = ose or ed. 

19 Jan 2014     

United States

People please. Don t over think things. TOMENTOSE is simply a combination of the first two words of John Keats until recently unpublished ode to a mint flavored candy: To Mentos.

19 Jan 2014     



Related with the stormy weather, but the strong winds blow the R away.

19 Jan 2014     


tomentose   should be spelled as to  mentose   = to (indicating infinitive form) + verb mentose.
To tose = to pull apart, to break apart, to divide
to mentose = to divide men
Eg. The famous saying: "Nothing is more likely to mentose folks than over jealousy and petty talks."

19 Jan 2014     


just like bad breath sometimes just means bad breath, tomentose is the - not very fancy but - official term for someone who went into a coma after eating to many tomatoes.............

19 Jan 2014     


edro: priceless as ususal

But: wrong !!

This wonderful word is a neologism for high heels and other shoes that make women wince and pay a hard price for their sense of fashion. Look at the picture below and you ll see what I mean: they TORMENT your TOES in a way you can t even speak properly any more.

20 Jan 2014     


It s quite clear to me:

It s a creepy state of mind you are in when you can t decide which of two men you should marry.

20 Jan 2014