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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > My students will build a toy ship together. Some advice    

My students will build a toy ship together. Some advice


My students will build a toy ship together. Some advice
Hello everybody.

I just need some advice about one of my lessons that I have in 2 days. It īs about building a toy ship made of 200+ pieces.
My lesson lasts 2 hours. I would like to introduce the topic of hobbies on the first hour, having a discussion with them about their favourite hobbies etc... and then on the second hour let them build the ship (maybe 2 and I īll divide the students in 2 teams seeing who īs the fastest).
These students are 10-12 years old, Chinese, about 14/16 students and all of them love games and activities like this.

I īm asking you: how can I make the first hour interesting? Which kind of activities may I consider for them?

Thanks in advance

20 Jan 2014      

Czech Republic

Find somebody,who (collects stamps, badges, plays tennis, etc) may be a good activity.

20 Jan 2014     


what about another game, but this one would focus on language (vocabulary etc...): a powerpoint or a board game focusing on hobbies and/or abilities (CAN)... you īll find plenty of those here :) and if there īs one of mine you like just send me a PM and i īll send it to you free of charge :)

if i were you, however, i would try to teach them structures they will have to use while building the toy ship (can you post a picture BTW? i have no idea what it looks like...) so that the 2nd hour would still be an English lesson :)

20 Jan 2014     


Talk about hobbies, for example,which are common (technology) or how they have changed with the ages,and there isnīt less hobbies that can practise outside,for example,play football,ride bike...

20 Jan 2014     


Spelling Battleship:   http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=693382#this

Top 10 largest ships in the world:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oxd6AJSAzkc

21 Jan 2014