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Word of the Day Winner

United States

Word of the Day Winner

I received good entries once again for the word tomentose. A root-bound tomato, a person with severe bipolar disorder (Lynne, you "should know about bipolar disorder"?), a poem about minty-fresh breath, stormy weather (nice tribute to Ethel Waters), a division among men, overconsumption of tomatoes leading to unconsciousness, and acute indecision about which of one īs suitors one should wed.

However, I have to go with elderberrywine īs definition of extremely high-heeled shoes that make your toes hurt. I can īt even wear 2 inch/5 cm heels without my feet aching. How do other women put themselves through that? So, congratulations to elderberrywine, and we look forward to a new word soon!
By the way, the real definition of tomentose is even odder than the definitions you posited: "covered with densely matted hair." This dog should qualify:

20 Jan 2014      


Ladies and gentlemen , here is the invention of the year..........
 the doggy brush !!!
From now on your house will be perferctly swept!!

It could have been a good picture for the  caption contest....

21 Jan 2014     

United States

As far as I know, massplus hasn īt chosen a winner for the latest caption contest yet. See http://www.eslprintables.com/forum/topic.asp?id=44059 .

21 Jan 2014