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ESL forum > Games, activities and teaching ideas > Caption Contest 22 / 01 / 2014    

Caption Contest 22 / 01 / 2014


Caption Contest 22 / 01 / 2014
Thanks to massplus for choosing my caption as winner. Here ´s the new picture. It seems cats are very inspiring to participants, but I think babies can be, too. Here ´s one who may give you some witty idea; convert it to words and post it to us.  All your captions are welcome.   I ´ll declare the winner next Friday evening.

22 Jan 2014      


"What are they saying??? God! When am I going to learn adult language?"

22 Jan 2014     

United States

Creamed spinach? Again? Meh.

22 Jan 2014     


1.-  "What a lovely cap..., how cute you look..., what a beautiful baby you are with it...." but nobody knows how itchy is it.

2.-  I ´m a Chelsea F.C. fan but my granny gave me this Liverpool wool cap .... What can I do?

23 Jan 2014     

United Kingdom

Who would be a Sunderland fan?
Edit: Oops! They beat Man Utd last night!

23 Jan 2014     


How dear , I have been waiting for a new nappy  for hours . Can someone in this damn world understand a baby ´s problem?

23 Jan 2014     


Waldo as a baby... before anyone had tried to find him.

23 Jan 2014     

Terri Lawson
New Zealand

All this cootchy-coo talk is enough to make me bring up!!!!When will adults realise I understand them perfectly well when they speak normally?

23 Jan 2014     


I HATE it when mom dresses me up like a candy cane.... <p>
I ´ve been licked 4 times today already....

23 Jan 2014     


"pffff!!!!who wants to grow up????better suffer from dirty pampers than listening to growing ups non sense!!!!!

23 Jan 2014     


WELL ! WELL ! WELL ! where are you dear SANTA? I am sleepless waitlng for your present.

23 Jan 2014     

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