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Being Honest!

Costa Rica

Being Honest!
Hello dear colleagues! I need help! I suddenly got a job in a public primary school,

Shocked but my university degree is for highschool students! As a result, I īm nervous and

afraid because I need material for children! If it is possible please help me by taking a

look at my worksheets and (IF YOU NEED SOMETHING) please download them

because I need points to have material!Shocked 

Thanks a LOT!!!!Hug

1 Feb 2014      

United States

Congratulations on getting a job, even if it isn īt with your preferred age group. However, we aren īt supposed to advertise our worksheets in the forums. You have points (although I don īt know how many you īve spent), so at least you can download your 30 new worksheets a day. And as you make worksheets for your children, keep submitting them for more points.
I don īt really have any good advice for working with children, because my preferred age group is adults! I īm sure that others who do teach children will be brimming with suggestions, though. What grade or grades are you going to be teaching?

1 Feb 2014     


Hello Melissa, 
Yes, it can be scary to make the transition from high school to primary (I myself teach secondary and high school students:) but they say it īs much more rewarding as children in general learn faster:)
Also, there īs no need to beg for points (btw it īs against the rules) when the net is swamped with free resources, you just need to put some effort into it and explore.
These are to get you started:) 
Loads of free resourses here

2 Feb 2014     


Hi Sophia! Thanks so much! I was about to ask the same! Great links!

2 Feb 2014     


Hey, Mellissa! How are you?
Try the link below. There are some basic worksheets in it which may help you in the beginning.
If there īs any other way I can help you just let me know!
Big hug!

2 Feb 2014     

Costa Rica

You are all so nice! Thanks a lot and I didn īt know it was not allowed to advertise my worksheets.... so sorry!Embarrassed

Though your help is amazing. I īll be teaching 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades (8 9 and 10 years old).

2 Feb 2014