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Need help

Sri Lanka

Need help
Dear colleagues:-)
I need your help again . Which of these sentences is correct:
How irritating is getting up everyday early ! How irritating to get up everyday early! or How irritating when one has to get up everyday early!
Thx a lot in advance

11 Feb 2014      

Russian Federation

I īm sure that it sounds this way: How irritating IT IS to get up everyday early! There should be the subject. But the Infinitive plays the role of the object. The sentence like this was at my grammar examination at the university and I knew the answer!)) (I like when you sing-incorrect. I like IT when you sing-correct.) 
P.S. I wrote the answer just from the grammatical point of view. The spoken language is simplified) It īs you to decide.

11 Feb 2014     

United States

I agree with codenet1.
I do need to point out (as I do occasionally, since it is a very common error, even for native speakers) that you should have the adverbial phrase "every day" (meaning "each day"), rather than the adjective "everyday" (meaning "ordinary", "not special").

11 Feb 2014     

Fernanda Francisco


My contribution goes to "every day" at the end of the sentence.

Fernanda Francisco (Portugal)

11 Feb 2014     

United States

"How irritating is getting up early every day?" is a question, not an exclamation. "How irritating it is to get up early every day!" is an exclamation, as codenet1 points out. Put early before every day as well, as Fernanda mentions. Personally, I would say, "It īs so irritating to get up early every single day!"

11 Feb 2014     


Moody is correct there has to IT in the sentence.

11 Feb 2014