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ESL forum > Ask for help > Reaserch topic for MA thesis    

Reaserch topic for MA thesis


Reaserch topic for MA thesis
Hi dear colleagues
I wonder if you could help me to find a topic for my MA thesis. I want it to be new and I like it to be in Applied Linguistics domain.What are the new issues in applied linguistics or language teaching?
Thanks in advance.

12 Feb 2014      

United States

I will freely admit that I haven īt kept as up-to-date on new research in linguistics as I probably should have. But instead of asking us "what īs new and different," you should ask yourself "what am I really interested in?" You īre asking a group of ESL educators, so of course we īre biased toward issues relating to second language acquisition, especially of English.
Also, remember that you don īt need to do something radically new. You can take an existing issue, for example, native language interference in acquisition of English, and look at a language that hasn īt been studied so much, such as Gilaki.
Quick Google led me to this article  http://asian-efl-journal.com/Thesis-M-Hall.pdf about pronunciation problems Farsi speakers have, but I found absolutely nothing about Gilaki.
Again, pronunciation may not be your favorite area, and that īs fine. This is just an example. You are the one who is going to put in long hours researching, organizing, writing, editing, rewriting, and rewriting again when your advisor tells you it still isn īt good enough. Don īt go into the process with the goal of dazzling the world of academia with your brilliance; go into it with the goal of learning something new about something near and dear to your heart. The brilliance will follow.

12 Feb 2014     


Maybe you could do something related to emigrants who, after having lived in an English speaking country, return to their native country, and the impact on both their native language and their new language.
I only have to think about my own parents to see the impact, and not only in relation to language.

13 Feb 2014     


I have got the same dilema! Anyway I can recomend you to work with autonomus learning or learning with the use of moderns advices like computers, tablets, etc.

13 Feb 2014     


12 Jul 2017