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I have agreed to teach English to 2 boys, aged 6 & 7 years old. I have no experience of teaching children this young.
They can read and write very little as they have only just started primary school and have no prior knowledge of English.
 Any ideas and suggestions about what to do /websites/resources to use would be very much welcome!
Thank you!

2 Mar 2014      


Hi Kessiej,

This is good for children:


It īs a CD-ROM with lots of games and exercises around vocabulary.  There is also a back-up book with easy worksheets for them to do.  They have all loved it and from there you could gradually move them onto:

Grammar One (Oxford University Press) 


There are four levels and excellent for children.  They īre not too expensive either - you īll probably find them on AMAZON.

Hope that helps,

2 Mar 2014     


Hello. When teaching young learners, you need different kind of approach than you usually use in the classroom. One of my sons is also 7. I would recommend a lot of games, songs with mimics, TPR approach (Total physical response), add some colouring, etc. The most important is that children have fun and are active. Don īt sit at a desk, sit on the floor and let them be physically active, especially if this is not a part of formal education. Play games such Simon says, clap and stamp game (children have to clap if you show the correct flashcard / object and stamp if you show a false one), stepping or hopping game (children have to step on the flashcard that you call out). Make lessons enjoyable for yourself and the children. Good luck! Mattea

2 Mar 2014     


Thank you for your helpful answers!

2 Mar 2014     


Hi kezziej,

You might find materials and ideas on http://learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org/en/ as well.

Good luck.

2 Mar 2014