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New Word of the Day!

United States

New Word of the Day!
Thank you, cunliffe, for picking my definition of sesquipedalian. Here īs another sesquipedalian (long) word for you word fiends to find a "daffynition" for:
Anyone who gives the correct definition (besides me when I pick a winner) will be required to type: "I will play Word of the Day by the rules" five times and will be automatically disqualified. We want a good FAKE definition!
I īll pick a winner tomorrow evening server time, or whenever I get enough "daffynitions" to have a good selection. Happy defining, everyone!

11 Mar 2014      


The Land where the art and theory of writing and producing tragedies was born.

11 Mar 2014     


It īs a tragedian (TRAGE) living in urban areas (POLIS) in the Mato Grosso (MATO).

11 Mar 2014     

[email protected]

It īs a person who makes maps of areas appearing in Shakespear īs tragedy plays, isn īt it? Tragedy + Topology? No?

12 Mar 2014     


Tragematopolist was the name of a martian colony that the jupiterians set long time ago before they colonized the planet Earth. Due to the poor martian atmosphere and the bacterias, the first jupiterians didn īt live a long life and it became a tragedy for Jupiter īs goverment.

This is the reason why of such a name.

12 Mar 2014     


It īs someone who is specialized in the study or criticism of ancient tragedies.

12 Mar 2014     


It īs a title or degree you can buy from several European and South American universities.

You get a diploma proving you are a "trage... " (you know what I mean), you have the right to print this title on your business cards and letterheads, you can present yourself by saying: "David Lisgo, tragematopolist" or talk of the old days when you studied tragematopology in Paris, Milan or Asuncion. Lies, nothing but lies!
Only very few people will see right through you and know there is NOTHING behind this degree. Rien. Nada. Hot air.

A tragematopolist is somebody who was too rich and lazy to attend university and acquire a degree through hard work and who trusts this title he bought with money will sound as least as impressive as many real titles and degrees.
Maybe this name was chosen because there is something tragic about the whole thing, but maybe that īs not the case.

13 Mar 2014