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Adult begginer english learner


Adult begginer english learner
Hi everyone, I īm looking for ideas.
The thing is, that I have an adult student, who has only basic knowledge of the language (window,chair,hello,goodbye). 
How should I start?
I think he needs to know a bit of vocabulary before starting with reading, listening and things like that. Am I correct?

If you can give me more feedback and advices please!!!!!
This is the first time I have an adult learner.

Thanks in advance!

28 Mar 2014      


Dear Friend,

you should choose a book, elementary or starter and you should teach based on it. 
The book which designed for adult English learners presents proper amount of vocab, grammar, prepositions etc.,

You can take a look at the books like Top Notch or Touchstone which are designed for adults.

Have fun

28 Mar 2014     

Mariethe House

You can try this : from ESL zero to heroSmile in the link below:


28 Mar 2014     


Thank you very very much!
I īll apply both ideas :D
My student has a lot of trouble learning another language, but this is kind of a challenge!
I īll do my best.

Thanks again!

28 Mar 2014     


You can work with the song "Hello, Goodbye" by the Beatles in your first class, teaching him/her basic antonyms (yes/no - hello/goodbye) and expressions ("I say" - "Why?" - "I don īt know"). The song is pretty easy on the ears, if you know what I mean, and since it includes a lot of repetition it can help you build your student īs confidence regarding what he/she can understand in English. Also, it īs really catchy ;)

28 Mar 2014     


Hi! As paugyg told you before to work with a particular song, you can find the worksheet made by Cyn (uploaded to Eslprintable) and you can search for it here, the title of the ws is "Song: Goodbye, hello The Beatles"
I teach adult students and use the coursebook "Powerbase Beginner" with a CD because itīs for adults, there is a Study book too, that is a kind of workbook with a CD. (You can even skip some pages of the book if you need to work faster, that is the section "Real world", because they are independent from the main topic of each unit). It is very useful for business-oriented schools.

29 Mar 2014     

United States

Great idea re: using "Hello, Goodbye" :)  I use this song with my students (ages 8-11) and they love it.  It īs also good for rhymes - i.e. phonetics vs. spelling.  (bye - why - high; low - know - go - no....etc!)  It helps that this band just might be the best ever ;)

Also, when I was working with very low levels for adults, I made a list of the most common verbs, most common nouns, most common adjectives, etc...  They were always surprised about how much they already knew from songs and movies!

Best of luck.

29 Mar 2014