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ESL forum > Ask for help > Lost in translation-translation doubt!    

Lost in translation-translation doubt!


Lost in translation-translation doubt!
Hello eveyone! I wonder if you can help me to tranlate "cartridge grease"into Portuguese.I have searched for the meaning but...I wasn t sucessful.. Thanks for your kind help!

28 Mar 2014      


"Lubricating bearing fan"-can someone please tell me what is this?Thanks in advance!

28 Mar 2014     


it s a fan which bears/has lubrication OR a bearing/supporting fan that is meant to lubricate OR (as part of the participial clause) something lubricates the bearing fan (Im guessing the grease cartridge is doing that):) but without the context some really wild guesses come to mind:)

to bear- to support the weight of somebody/something
to lubricate- to put a lubricant on something such as the parts of a machine, to help them move smoothly
fan - a machine with blades that go round to create a current of air
cartridge - a case containing something that is used in a machine
grease - any thick oily substance, especially one that is used to make machines run smoothly

as to the cartridge grease, sounds like you are translating the instructions for some gun:)

context is crucial!

28 Mar 2014     


Thanks for your precious help ueslteacher!You re right contexto is essential....The translation is about safety at work and hazardous materials...which can explode! Have a nice week!

31 Mar 2014