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which is correct question?

a) how many cousins does Paul have?

b)  how many cousins does Paul has?

8 Apr 2014      


Do/does/did is always followed by an infinitive.
Therefore answer a is correct.

8 Apr 2014     


For all verbs except for the verb TO BE and MODALS, the present simple question form is

Auxiliar (to do) + subject + INFINITIVE ?
Therefore a) is the correct one.
Hope this helps

8 Apr 2014     


After does, do, did the verbs must be in the infinitive form eg;
Do you speak English ?
Does Samy speak English ?

8 Apr 2014     

United States

I always put it this way to my students: if you use do in any form as a helping verb/auxiliary, put the change on the do, not the main verb. So, in the simple present for negative, interrogative, or emphatic, put the -s marker on do for the subjects he, she, and it. You get does. Example: Why does it work that way?  
You put the past tense marker on the do for the past tense, and get did. Example: I didn īt know that vanilla is sold as vanilla sugar and not vanilla extract in many countries. I always love it when one rule has multiple applications.

8 Apr 2014     


thanksssssssss for helping me out

9 Apr 2014