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Sports Lesson Icebraker


Sports Lesson Icebraker
Hello everyone! 

On Friday I will have a demo lesson for a very famous school and my topic is sports. I should teach this lesson to 5th graders. I need a great idea for an icebraker and an amazing ending for the lesson so I can make a good impression there and hopefully, get the job Wink

Thank you so much for your suggestions and ideas! 

8 Apr 2014      


Here are some ideas how to start:
1) two teams, match the country to its sport (that īs if your students know them)
2) two teams, give them the names of the tools or flashcards and have them guess the name of the sport that uses those tools; a similar activity could be guessing a sport with a help of a card with a clue (e.g. clue:to do this sport you need goggles and a pool, answer - swimming)
3) make a set of anagrams of the sports they know and have them compete at guessing them
(e.g. imsngmiw, loaftlbo, xob, sinetn, etc.)
... maybe not that fancy but can be enjoyed by students.

As to ending a lesson, why not do it with a song? perhaps something like "we īre the champions" (btw there īs a sponge bob version and a crazy frog version on YouTube:) or "the waving flag"...

8 Apr 2014     

cris rose

talk about the world cup which is an inprtant sport event taking place soon

8 Apr 2014     

Russian Federation

 Try esl-galaxy.com or autoenglish.org. I īm sure you īll find something that might be useful for you. I have some printables that I īve dowloaded from above mentioned sites. I can send you via e-mail if you wish! By the way, you can use the printable uploaded by one of our esl teachers  (logic puzzle 10 - sports) I think thatīll suit  5-graders. Good luck!

8 Apr 2014     

Russian Federation

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EGI3WWvicqw - you can try OLYMPIC BLUES (at the end of the lesson or just for a break)

8 Apr 2014     


Thank you for all your help! 

Wonderful ideas!

9 Apr 2014